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Full length, Short or Ringtone. First, let’s choose the length of song you are looking for. Once you choose, we will walk you through providing details for the lyrics and music at checkout. From start to finish, our customers find this experience very moving. The hardest part is waiting for THEM to hear it.

Marty Ray Special
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As heard on The Root Note Podcast! This is a Full Length Song with Marty Ray on vocals. If you haven’t heard him sing, Google it. You won’t be disappointed! ONLY 10 SONGS AVAILABLE (You must be willing to do a short 30 minute interview on The Root Note Podcast)


Full Length $250+

Just like the 3:00 songs you hear on the radio. If you want to tell a story, or remind a loved one why you care about them...This is your song! Great for a first dance, proposals, anniversaries, charities, graduations and MORE!


Short $150+

This is a short 90 second song perfect for the short and sweet "I love you" or give the comedian of the family a taste of their own medicine. Great for birthdays, longtime friends, businesses, or even for ordering one for every loved family member!   


Ringtone $55+

For when you want to tell them 'Thank You, for being yourself.' It's only 20 seconds long but lasts forever. This is perfect for giving someone their very own theme song, jingle, or remind them 'Hey someone who loves you is calling.'

Songs will take about a week to complete but it's well worth the wait! We start from scratch because everyone's story is different, so is our music. You’ll be asked to provide details of THEM at checkout.