Custom Songs

Custom songs take about a week to complete but it's well worth the wait! We start from scratch because everyone's story is different, so is our music. Once you choose, we will walk you through providing details for the lyrics and music at checkout. From start to finish, our customers find this experience very moving. The hardest part is waiting for them to hear it.

Single Instrument $280

This is how most of our songs get written. We will pick up our acoustic guitar and write original music, lyrics and melody. Don't be surprised if you hear accents from other instruments. We just love creating the most impactful song for your special moment. 

Full Band $450

A full band production always helps put their personality in their song, especially if they have a favorite band or genre. We've written in styles such as Tenacious D, Spice Girls, Johnny Cash, Matchbox 20 and everything in between. This is the best option for sing-alongable, catchy memories.


Birthday SPecial $250

This is a short 90 second Full Band song. Perfect for the short and sweet I-Love-You or maybe you want to give the comedian of the family a taste of their own medicine.


First Dance Special $320

A Professional Vocalist and a small band will make that moment extra special! Whether it's your wedding or you're giving the couple the sweetest gift ever, get your tissues ready. These tracks are written specifically for slow dancing. This is a DEAL! 


Theme Song $85

Who wouldn't love to have their own theme song? We will write and fully produce a catchy 15 second theme song for you or your loved one. We can even incorporate a sound clip of you or them! You will receive both iPhone and Android files for a ringtone

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