Custom Tracks

Our Custom Music is composed for you. It's 100% original because so is your project. Whether it's a podcast, promo video, movie or maybe you need music for one of your own songs; We can get the mood you are wanting to hear. There will be plenty of communication so no worries.

Lyrics and vocals are not included. 


Branding Intr0 $100

This is very important for your project and your listeners. We spend a lot of time working with you to get your image into the music. We will compose up to 45 seconds and will incorporate your audio clips as well. We will do voiceovers upon request


Mood Track $65

Mood setting tracks composed to emphasize emotion behind your vocals. We can do any genre, vibe and sound to fit your image and fit hand and hand with your Branding Intro. 


Custom Score $100+

With each track custom to your project, your listeners will be immersed in the vibe you want. Whether it's a full podcast, audio/video trailer, or film...our music will take your project to the next level.


Song Track $100+

This one is for our fellow writers and artists out there who need professional music for their own songs. We love to help each other out. Whatever genre or style, let's make you shine! 

Mastering Pic.jpeg

Mastering $35

Get the best sound possible from your recording. As always, when dealing with your project, we assume it is time sensitive so we send it back within 24 hours.

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